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Product Manager Interview Tip

When I'm screening candidates, the first question I ask is - "Tell me what you know about our company." If I don't get a good answer, I usually will wrap up the interview early. Do your research!

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Job Description

“We are manufacturers and distributors of vital component parts, making the simple but essential things that help your business work.”

This is a “hands on” position requiring an exceptionally bright and driven individual who is capable of grasping, assimilating and executing strategic initiatives. This person will work closely with the Technical team to identify and qualify new products (or modifications to existing products) and bring them to market. The optimum candidate has the unique ability to design and understand strategy, but also can be the liaison between product made ad developed at our plant and the outside market (including customer visits). There will be emphasis on VOC gathering and need identification.

This is an accomplishment oriented position that requires impeccable planning and project management skills. Leadership and the demonstrated ability to inspire, motivate and guide others toward the accomplishment of goals are critical to success in the role.

Duties and Responsibilities: