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Product Manager Interview Tip

Be prepared to talk about the product development lifecycle on your interview. I base my entire set of interview questions around how well a candidate understands the flow of products from ideation through retirement.

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Job Description

Company Overview

Verscend builds a smarter healthcare ecosystem through analytics. Our 2,000 global professionals work at the intersection of high tech, healthcare, and “big data” in order to realize audacious aspirations for our healthcare system. Be it eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse; guiding population health management with data-driven insights; improving risk-based revenue for our clients; or re-envisioning support systems for new models of healthcare delivery, we hold ourselves to a single standard: having immediate and outsized impact for our clients, and by extension, the broader health community.

Position Description

The Product Manager, Performance Analytics will provide the user perspective to engineering and other departments within Verscend. The manager is responsible for developing user stories, designing product workflows that enable ease-of-use for end users, and developing specific features and functions to improve and expand Verscend’s products and services. In support of these functions, the product manager will play a lead role in identifying, tracking and synthesizing the key data points to inform the product roadmap.

Reporting to the Product Director, this individual will have an understanding of the role performance analytics play in the healthcare system and a passion for product development. S/he will further have the capability to lead within a matrixed environment – to take the “voice of the customer” and translate that into detail-oriented requirements that yield best-in-class products. The successful candidate will demonstrate a unique blend of leadership, creativity, business judgment, industry knowledge, and execution-oriented thinking in the context of solution design and delivery.


Key responsibilities: The Product Manager will be the front-line leader to ensure that the voice of the customer is fully reflected in Verscend’s solution portfolio, in particular through development of user stories and close work with software development teams. Key responsibilities include:


Verscend is transforming the business of healthcare by providing data services, analytics, and advanced technologies that answer the industry’s most complex challenges. With a focus on reducing risk across all domains of healthcare, Verscend’s broad solution suite is designed to help health plans, employers, providers, and other risk bearing entities better understand the health and risk of their populations to improve quality, reduce costs, ensure payment accuracy, and support compliance. From effective population health management, quality reporting, revenue accuracy, and chart retrieval to tackling fraud, waste, and abuse, Verscend is committed to answering the unique challenges of its clients.